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Welform manufactures a variety of cold forged and machined components for the automotive and non-automotive sectors. Since commencement of operations in 2000, welform has come a long way technologically to manufacture advanced forged and machined components.


We are pro-active to the customers needs, continually providing cost effective and quality solutions. We aim at satisfying customers, by continuously innovating and developing products to meet the needs of the industry, helping business partners find cost saving solutions and improvements that enhance growth.







  • High precision and surface condition of excellent quality (Ra 0.5 to 4)
  • Excellent grain flow, which is needed to ensure good mechanical performance and resistance to metal fatigue
  • Volume of the material used close to that of the finished part
  • Improvement of the mechanical properties through cold working, which eliminates the need for heat treatment and optimizes the geometry and dimensions of the part